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Discover the Simple 'Hearing Hack' That Combats Aging and Cognitive Decline

Tiera Willson / July 9, 2024 / Hearing Aids Magazine / Advertorial

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"The little sounds I began to miss - birds chirping, the hum of the refrigerator, whispers from my grandchildren - seemed insignificant at first. But when I used these hearing aids, the clarity brought tears to my eyes."

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Have you noticed yourself asking people to “speak up” lately? Turning the TV up louder? Or feeling like the world sounds muffled? If so, you might be experiencing permanent hearing loss.

It’s a daunting realization, but you’re not alone. Nearly 500 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide. While some hearing loss is normal as we age, our modern world exposes us to loud noises daily, from concerts to heavy machinery.

Even listening to headphones at over 65% volume can cause permanent damage. Ignoring hearing difficulties isn't just a minor inconvenience; it's linked with serious cognitive decline, including dementia risks.

Stuck in the "Hearing Limbo"

If you’ve noticed your hearing fading but can still hear "well enough," you might be in the "limbo zone." You're not deaf, but your hearing loss is enough to negatively impact your life. Traditional hearing aids, which can cost upwards of $5,000, are overkill. They're expensive, time-consuming, and often look terrible.

Being in this "hearing limbo" means you're constantly asking people to repeat themselves, feeling older than you are, and missing out on life's beautiful sounds. The frustration of this can leave you feeling isolated and exhausted.

Enter Absolute Hear

For 12 years, Greg Post worked for a leading hearing aid manufacturer, uncovering the industry's dirty secret:
premium hearing aids, marked up to $5,000, contained parts that cost a fraction of the price.

Furious at the exploitation, Greg quit his cushy job to start Absolute Hear.

His mission?

To deliver top-tier hearing aids without the insane markup.

By cutting out the middleman and selling factory-direct, Greg’s company ensures you get the best hearing technology at a fair price.

It's no wonder 96% of customers love the products and find no difference compared to the $5,000 models.

No Doctor approval needed
Small & Invisible in your ear
Advanced noise cancellation
Lifetime hearing support
Ships right to your door
Discover Absolute Hear's Best Selling Hearing Aids

Annie Bucker Story

Subtle Signs of Hearing Loss:

At first, the moments I missed were subtle. The chirping of birds, the hum of the refrigerator, even my grandchildren's whispers started to fade. I thought it was just part of getting older. How wrong I was.

As days turned into weeks, the silence grew. It wasn’t just about the sounds I was missing—I started feeling lost. My sharp memory dulled, names escaped me, and I often forgot appointments. It felt like walls closing in, isolating me from the world.

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The Isolation of Hearing Loss:

Conversations became a struggle. I nodded and smiled, pretending to understand, not wanting to worry my family. But the laughter and joy felt distant. It wasn’t just the sounds I missed—it was the connections and shared experiences.

I dreaded family gatherings, avoiding them when I could. The shadow of isolation grew. I tried to stay positive, but the silence was overwhelming. Then came a day that changed everything.

Discovering Absolute Hear:

After missing an important train announcement and feeling utterly defeated, I confided in an old friend. He told me about a life-changing solution— SoundElite hearing aids from company called Absolute Hear. Skeptical at first, I gave it a try. The world came alive again, bursting with vibrant sounds and colors.

The fog in my mind cleared. Conversations flowed effortlessly, and the heavy weight of isolation melted away. Every day felt brighter, every moment richer.

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The Hidden Truth:

What I experienced were symptoms of early-onset dementia.

By using SoundElite hearing aids, I managed to slow and possibly stop its progression. But why hadn’t anyone suggested this before? It seemed like a well-kept secret.

SoundElite by Absolute Hear: 2024’s #1 Hearing Aids

What Makes Them So Special?

Many people know that basic hearing aids use a microphone, amplifier, and speaker to boost your ability to hear speech while reducing background noise.

SoundElite's AH Max™ Sound Technology takes these principles further, providing crystal clear sound, reduced background noise, and directional sound technology, enabling you to hear with superhero-like precision.

These FDA-approved, over-the-counter aids require no prescriptions or hearing tests, simplifying your path to clarity.

Key Features:

• Clear Audio: No feedback
• 48-hour Battery
• Comfortable and Invisible
• Background Noise Canceling
• AH Max™ Sound Technology
• Wireless Charging
• Included 4 Ear Dome Sizes
• FDA-Approved, No Prescription Needed

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Who Benefits from SoundElite CIC Nanocharge?

Absolute Hear's SoundElite CIC NanoCharge is ideal for anyone struggling with inconsistent hearing, difficulty hearing, or tinnitus. It provides an effective, affordable, and discreet way to enhance hearing and filter out unwanted noise.

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Those Who Will Benefit Include:

 Individuals unable to obtain prescription hearing aids
Those who find traditional hearing aids uncomfortable
People objecting to the high costs of traditional hearing aids
Children with hearing difficulties
 Individuals needing a straightforward, easy-to-use device
Professionals exposed to loud noise
• Those suffering from tinnitus
• Individuals experiencing excessive feedback with traditional hearing aids
• Anyone seeking crisp, clear hearing!

Ready to Transform Your Hearing with SoundElite?
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Here is everything that's included with each SoundElite CIC Nanocharge:

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What Else We Love About SoundElite:

• Fast Setup, Easy to Use, Premium Sound – Thanks to the advanced capabilities and technology of the SoundElite CIC NanoCharge, you can now have consistent, premium, crystal clear hearing right out of the box. No prescription required!

It's Rechargeable & Has a Long Lasting Battery – never worry about replacing batteries or running out of power. SoundElite CIC NanoCharge can last over 40+ hours on a single charge, is fast-charging, and can be charged wirelessly!

• Comfortable & Discreet Design – The SoundElite is the smallest hearing aid of its kind. They disappear into the ear canal like magic, so no one will know you’re wearing them. In fact, thanks to the new ComfortPro design, they’re so comfortable that you yourself will forget that you are wearing them.

It's Incredibly Affordable – Absolute Hear's SoundElite offers the same (if not better) premium quality and features while saving you $THOUSANDS on doctors visits, prescriptions, tests, and expensive traditional hearing aids.

• Their 90-Day Risk-Free Trial & 2-Year Warranty – if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with SoundElite, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

As Seen In

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Special Savings For Our Readers

UPDATE, Friday, Jul 12, 2024:
Since this article was published, it has garnered tremendous attention. Absolute Hear is now offering our readers the opportunity to test their product at a special price of $189, discounted from $699.
This offer includes a 90-day guarantee, a free 2-year warranty (usually $79), and free worldwide shipping.
Absolute Hear decided to treat our readers with this exclusive deal until the stock runs out.
Click the "Check Availability" button below to access their custom offer page and secure this limited-time offer! (Only accessible by the link below)

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We Collected Real Reviews From Real Customers:

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Albert A.

Verified Buyer

I haven't had any problems at all. No itching, the sound is clear and crisp, so comfortable that I forget they are in my ears. Way better than my old $4,500 hearing aids!

Untitled design - 2024-07-12T211204.656.jpg__PID:dc5ab68e-e9f6-49b4-b605-442480a65caa

Mark L.

Verified Buyer

They work much better than any others. I love them. Do not fall out, adjust volume with finger nail, excellent charging station. Easy on off switch, I recommend them.

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Beth J.

Verified Buyer

I ordered these for my Mom, and the hearing aids arrived right on time, and worked right out of the box. They come with various size adapters for a custom fit. You can adjust the sound up or down. The little antenna makes the hearing aid easy to remove.

Untitled design - 2024-07-12T211226.254.jpg__PID:e9f689b4-f605-4424-80a6-5caa9fec22b8

Mark K.

Verified Buyer

No more tinnitus! From the moment I put my new Audien Atom pro's In my ears I could hear the sounds my tinnitus was interfering with. It was wonderful! Years of aggravation gone. Thank you.

Untitled design - 2024-07-12T211138.120.jpg__PID:89b4f605-4424-40a6-9caa-9fec22b821e6

Paul B.

Verified Buyer

These are amazing, especially for the price. My wife’s hearing has deteriorated over the years, and she often missed conversations.These solved the problem immediately. She can now hear clearly and enjoys sounds she hasn't heard in years.The volume is easily adjustable, and the rechargeable feature is a money-saver. They're high quality, and we love the compact charging case.It seems to me that these are equivalent to hearing aids my friends have spent far more money for (like 10X).We'll be buying another set for me. Obviously, I recommend these highly.

Untitled design - 2024-07-12T211122.513.jpg__PID:f6054424-80a6-4caa-9fec-22b821e61830

Barbara A.

Verified Buyer

I bought these hearing aids because I had a hard time hearing the high tones and difficulty following conversations. I did not want the bulky ones that have a hook over the ear, so I found these. They are small and fit perfectly in your ears. They come with several sizes of plugs for your ears to, just so they feel comfortable in inside your ears. No inconvenience dealing with batteries since they are rechargeable and come with a usb connection. Sound is crisp and clear. I am glad I found these and highly recommend them to anyone.

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